Sprouts of Peace Home Library

Reading and discussing stories that explore diverse experiences is an opportunity to practice curiosity, compassion, wonder, humility, hospitality, and respect—together as a family.

By learning about one another’s religious traditions, we can begin to counteract harmful stereotypes and bias and build momentum for a more inclusive community.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, IPSTL provided more than 100 St. Louis-area families with children's books free-of-charge to help build empathy and understanding from the safety of home. The Sprouts of Peace Home Library Program was supported by grant funding from the St. Louis Cardinals Community Fund Cardinal's Care, the Feldman Family Foundation, and generous donors to Interfaith Partnership.


Children's Books for Interfaith Conversations

Looking for religiously diverse children's books to bring into your home, classroom, or library? You'll find a wealth of options on our Bookshop page.

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