Virtual Archive

Summer 2020 Prayer Circles

From May 7, 2020-June 25 we hosted weekly virtual prayer circles where leaders from various faith traditions share sacred texts, blessings, and/or reflections in a spirit of interfaith embrace. The series is an effort to lift up all the concerns of our community and region during the COVID-19 pandemic through invoking our interconnectedness across differences of thought and practice.

Keeping Religious Communities Safe

All people deserve to feel safe and supported practicing their religious beliefs. That our synagogues, mosques, Sikh gurdwaras, Black churches and other houses of worship must think about safety daily is an unjust, tragic, and costly reality. We all have a role to play in creating safer and more inclusive communities. Hear local religious leaders as well as security experts and law enforcement discuss keeping our religious communities safe (Jan. 20, 2022).

Thursdays Together

In the Spring of 2021, the interfaith community was invited to gather together to provide mutual support. Local clergy and lay leaders shared experiences, insight, and wisdom while collectively seeking new paths forward.

Jan. 10 Interfaith Vigil for Democracy

On January 10, 2021, members of many different religious and ethical communities gathered virtually to affirm the moral values which underpin democracy. Co-hosted by Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis and The Ethical Society of St. Louis.

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