WRI’s presence in Europe allows the Institute to engage with important partners and donors on the continent as well to use that knowledge, expertise and funding to speed up change elsewhere. Staff are deeply involved in WRI’s programmatic work on core issues such as food, forests, land use and water, cities, and energy, and the ocean as well as the enabling systems such as economics, finance and governance systems.

WRI Europe’s regional office is in The Hague, The Netherlands. There is also an important WRI center in London, United Kingdom. Additional experts and staff are based in Bonn, Germany under the NDC Partnership and Istanbul, Türkiye under Cities program.

Working from Europe and on Europe 

Our work in Europe does not only relate to Europe alone. WRI Europe also hosts important parts of globally distributed teams.

From Europe: Staff with global program roles work from the Europe office because of the proximity to knowledge and funding partners and networks. For example, the Ocean program, based in London, helps four countries in Europe to implement their sustainable ocean management pledges, supporting a worldwide network. Similarly, the Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) works from the WRI Europe office as a central node in a global network with many European partners. Our office in The Hague is also home to the Partnership for the Acceleration of the Circular Economy (PACE), a public-private collaboration platform advancing the transition to a global circular economy.

On Europe: Where EU policy is of crucial influence on our impact, we will deploy work tailored towards Europe, always partnering where needed. One such example is WRI’s Coolfood which actively works with European businesses and organizations to cut the climate impact of the food they serve.

WRI Europe within the broader WRI strategy

Based on the goals and priorities of our global strategic plan, our work in Europe will focus on contributing to WRI’s transitions on Food/Land/Water; Energy; and Cities. We will also work in Europe on the ‘enabling economy-wide system’ (governance, economics and finance), seeking to achieve impact on the interrelated goals of people, climate and nature.


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